New to NeuroInformatics? Complete the following tutorials to get the basics.

1. Introduction To Modern Brain-Computer Interface Design

Listen to the lectures and complete the tasks. This includes basic introduction to BCILab. It works fine with Matlab 2011. For later versions, some DLLs may be required which can be found online.

2. How to do an EEG

View any of the several EEG recording youtube videos to learn how to properly setup an EEG cap.

3. EEGLAB Tutorial

EEGLab is the most comprehensive tool used for EEG analysis. Listen to the lectures, or complete the online tutorial



4. Source Modeling using Brainstorm

Complete this tutorial using the supplementary material provided here. Source modeling / localization is an important piece of information.

5. The PREP pipeline: standardized preprocessing for large-scale EEG analysis

This guideline ensures that the quality of recorded data is good enough for meaningful analysis and consistent results.

Data Sets

Sr. No Name Type
 1. European Epilepsy Databases EEG Databases
 2. CHB-MIT Pediatric Scalp EEG Database EEG Databases
 3. Seizure Prediction Database,University of Freiburg EEG Databases
 4. Epileptic Seizure studies EEG Databases
 5. Downloadable EEG Data EEG Databases
 6. Brain Maps Neuro-Imaging Data Sets
 7. Aylward Open Access Medical Repositories
 8. MIDAS Neuro Imaging Data Sets/Tools for data archiving, analysis, and access
 9. Mc Connell Brain Imaging Center Softwares/ Atlases/ Data Repositories
 10. Neuroscience Database Wiki Neural Imaging, Signals & Recordings
 11. Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) Neuro-Imaging  data sharing /Databases/ Software Tools
 12. International Neuro-Informatics Coordinating Facility Tools/Data space/ Softwares
 13. Neuroinformatics Wiki Neural Databases
 14. Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) Neural Databases/ Softwares/ Tools
 15.  Brain Signals  Neural Imaging, Signals & Recordings
 16.  EEG EPI database
 17. BCI Competition II
 18. BCI Competition III
 19. BCI Competition IV
 20. Other Databases
 21. EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Data Set
 22. Effect of Deep Brain Stimulation on Parkinsonian Tremor
 23. ERP-based Brain-Computer Interface recordings
 24. Samples of MR Images
 25. BNCI-Horizon
 26. A list of publicly available data sets
 27. Kaggle – Repository
 28. Physionet – Repository


Neuro-Imaging Analysis Softwares

Sr. NoSoftwaresModalities
1. SPMFMRI, PET, SPECT, EEG, MEG (Software Package)
2.FieldTripMEG, EEG (MATLAB Toolbox)
3.FSLFMRI, MRI & DTI Brain Imaging (Software Package)
4.FreeSurferBrain MRI Images (Software Package)
6.BrainstormEEG, MEG (MATLAB Toolbox)
9.NipyPython Functional Neuroimaging
10.NiLearnPython module integrated with Scikit Learn
11.NiBabelPython module that can read & write common medical and neuroimaging file formats
15.NeuroImaging PlatformNeuroImaging Platform